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NEW at Warren Media, customer helpdesk goes live, Henry takes control.

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We’ve got a new helpdesk at Warren Media. It’s nice to say hello, or in Henry’s case, woof… To help you do just that, we try to make it as easy as possible. If you’d like to know more about the services we offer, or just to chat over an idea, feel free to get in touch.

Henry has been promoted from the office dog to the helpdesk operator. Why not chat live with him about how Warren Media can help you or your company. We promise he has excellent communication skills and even if he doesn’t know the answer, he knows the people who do. You’ll find the helpdesk on our contact page or at the bottom right of every page.

Henry is waiting for your chat, he’s available most of the day. Let’s be honest, all he does anyway is lie about the office hiding from the cats. On the rare occasion he takes a wander to find a lampost, you can leave him a message and he’ll get right back to you.

If you don’t feel like chatting, you can also send us a message using the form on the contact page, or phone us:

For photography/video/multimedia/technical queries, call Lenny on    07860 830050

For bookings/admin/invoice queries, call Mairi on    01355 229700

If you are a newspaper or media outlet, you can also subscribe to our FREE FIRST USE distribution list for news, PR and feature pictures.

Oh, a few people have asked about pics of Henry, not that he’s vain or anything but he’s had a few signed photos produced just for you lucky people… Sigh, what have I created.. ;)

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Easter at Warren Media

It’s Easter…

That can only mean one thing, I’m back on the Chocolate bunny trail with one of my clients, National Trust for Scotland. The NTS tend to use the pics well, on billboards, bus shelters, leaflets as well as their website.

I’ve done this for the last few years, moving around to various NTS locations all over Scotland and I generally try to get at least one of my three daughters in the pics. Here’s one with two out of the three. ;)

I’ve been a member of the National Trust for Scotland for more years than I can remember, always a great day out.

Easter at Warren Media

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Spamalot at the Kings Theatre, Glasgow.

Great laughs at the photocall for Spamalot opening tonight at the King’s Theatre, Glasgow.

Runs from 11-15th April.

Tickets still available from


The cast of Spamalot take to the streets of Glasgow promoting their upcoming show at The King’s Theatre Glasgow from 11-15 April.
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The Battle of Arras Centenary Commemorations.

It was an honour to cover the Battle of Arras commemorations over the weekend for the Scottish Government. Nice shows in the papers and online.

My grandfather was wounded at the Somme, so I had a few personal moments to reflect…

Battle of Arras Tear Sheets

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How the cone gets there, the true story…

It’s long been a mystery how the traffic cone appears on the Duke of Wellington’s head.

Well, I can now reveal the true story of how the cone gets there. Every night when the locals are asleep, wacky 80’s comedy duo Cannon and Ball sneak up and plonk the cone on the Duke’s head and not forgetting his horse.

As I’m a wily old fox of a snapper, with years of training as a Police Photographer I was able to catch this pair of miscreants red handed, so to speak…. ;) Tsk tsk… some people eh?


Cannon and Ball

Comedians Cannon and Ball outside the Gallery of Modern Art as part of the Magners Comedy Festival. Bobby Ball (darker hair and moustache) and Tommy Cannon (grey hair).


SSL Secure Green Padlock?

SSL 12 hours to get a green padlock?

Green Padlock Secure SSL

SSL Secure. 12 hours slaving away on my computer to get a green padlock? I’d have been quicker going to B&Q. ;) It was an S S ‘ell of a time getting it all sorted out but well worth it. Everybody likes to be secure don’t they? Here at Warren Media we take your browsing security very seriously. As we use two different CDN’s (that’s Content Delivery Networks for the less geeky amongst us.) we needed three SSL certificates. One for our server, one for our first CDN which handles security and another for our main CDN which handles our images and videos.

So basically, when you browse to you are actually going to httpS://  This is a secure page, using SSL, industry standard encryption so you are browsing securely. Of course we aren’t an ecommerce site, and never ask for credit card details, although if you’re feeling generous…. eh, hold on… err… did I say that out loud? ;) Anyway, even though we aren’t an ecommerce site, it’s always better to visit a secure site…

The internet can be a big, bad scary place, but with a bit of preparation and common sense you can make it more secure. Nothing’s guaranteed, and SSL’s are basically just encryption between your browser and our server, but hey, you’re worth it. ;)

Screen Shot 2017 04 03 at 01.35.40 - SSL Secure Green Padlock?

Strictly Come Dancing at the Airport

Strictly Edinburgh and then Glasgow Airport

Strictly Come Dancing Airport

Strictly launch 7 new routes from Edinburgh Airport. Dancers Hilary Mouat and Tibor Poc.
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Strictly speaking, it’s been a long day, an early start at Edinburgh Airport with my client and the Scottish Ballroom Dance champions.


I have to admit I don’t watch the show, but the dancers were fantastic, up for a bit of fun in the pics, which always helps. My only concern was the dancer’s dress was the exact shade of red as the airline corporate colour. Visions of a dancer’s head floating ghoulishly on a sea of red.

Pics at Edinburgh, on site approval, file to client’s head office then around the newspapers. Head west along the M8 to Glasgow Airport, rinse and repeat. ;-) I seem to spend a lot more time in Edinburgh than I used to, which I’m good with. When I worked for the Herald & Evening Times we had staff in Edinburgh, so I never had to venture east. These days I seem to never be away from the Parliament or the very handy car park at Dynamic earth.

The client was delighted with the pictures, but the pic above wasn’t on their brief, and they weren’t interested as it wasn’t branded. (I know I know, overbranding in PR handout pics is a nightmare, but we did subtle branding on this job.)

I did the pic for myself and the dancing couple, always nice. Really strong sunlight today, which for Scotland in April is unusual. Worked today with the nice shadow, and the normally unwelcome wind helped with the dancer’s ribbons.. Every cloud and all that… ;)
Screen Shot 2017 04 03 at 01.35.40 - Strictly Come Dancing at the Airport

Lost Glasgow, Paddy’s Market

Lost Glasgow

Glasgow's Paddy's Market.

Glasgow’s Paddy’s Market.
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I was out on a job for a client the other day at the Briggait, a Glasgow institution. Part of the job was at Glasgow Green, so as I wandered over I stopped and did a double take at Paddy’s Market.

I dropped a frame through the railings, and it’s a bit of a sorry state. I was always a big fan, as I still am of the Barras. Of course there were issues, there were drugs and there were stolen goods, but they were in the minority and the traders did their best to rid the market of these undesirable elements. I grew up wandering these markets and staring in awe at the people who would buy ONE shoe, or Sydney Devine’s Greatest Hits on a cassette with a dodgy designed and photocopied cover. It was part of my youth, and my life is better because of it.

Over 30 years ago, as a Photography student I wandered about this lane with camera in hand. There were amazing sights to behold as a young snapper, youth being on my side as it was obvious I wasn’t from the Polis. (Although give it time and I would be…) Although I do remember a few of us doing some project or whatever and a guy shouting ” Who ur ye takin’ photies fur?” and without thinking I shouted back “The ‘broo…” well, we did have to drop a few frames and then run that time, but it was all just good natured banter. Strangely enough that wouldn’t be the last time I dropped a few frames and ran, but that’s a story for another day.

I do remember when I was at the Evening Times I got summoned there to give backup to another photographer who had been tasked with doing pics there for a feature. He’s been getting a bit of aggro from some heavies. The best bet in a case like this, is find who looks to be the oldest and most veteran trader you can see, approach them, tell them you’re from the Evening Times and it’s a good news story, nothing dodgy. I must admit my accent changes depending on who I’m speaking to… sorry. ;) They will then spread the word that you’re a “good guy”. I’ve done this on more than one occasion. The main thing is be honest, and don’t take the proverbial…

As part of the Cooncil’s gentrification, sorry “regeneration” plans, Paddy’s was closed in 2009. Glad to see they’ve made good use of the space, err.. hold on????

Screen Shot 2017 04 03 at 01.35.40 - Lost Glasgow, Paddy's Market



Welcome to the new Warren Media website

It’s been long overdue, but finally, we have our new Warren Media website.

Warren Media, Photography, Video Production, Multimedia.

We’ve been planning on updating the website for a while now. The last one was ok, but it didn’t work very well on mobile phones, so a change was needed. As well as making sure the site looks great on mobile phones we’ve done a lot of behind the scenes work. The site should now load quicker, and be easier to navigate.

We’ve tried to keep the front page as simple as possible with links to the main areas of work we undertake. Photography, Video Production and Multimedia.

Our Latest News area deserves a special mention, here you will be able to read about the latest jobs we have been working on, interesting things happening in the worlds of photography, video, multimedia and Press/PR. Or maybe it’s just funny pics of me with Elvis. ;)

Also, it’s worth mentioning our Terms & Conditions page, I know it sounds boring, but well worth reading. (I promise it’s brief and concise.)

As well as the Contact page, down the bottom of all of the pages you will find contact emails and phone numbers for our staff. I deal with all the technical stuff, whilst Mairi deals with the admin, invoices and paperwork. Don’t feel sorry for her, she really likes it. ;) Henry runs our complaints dept. Especially don’t feel sorry for Henry, he loves dealing with complaints. Saying that, we’re proud that we rarely ever get complaints, which means Henry can spend the day sleeping and dreaming about the day he can get one over on the two office cats Oscar and Bella. They don’t get a mention on the contacts page as , well, c’monn, what exactly do cats do? Really? They just sleep all day and plan how they can get one over on Henry. ;)

If you want to chat about what we can do for you, whether it be PR photography, a promotional video, or a multimedia slideshow, feel free to get in touch via our contact page or use the email/phone details below. Apart for Henry, he’s not allowed a mobile phone anymore… Not after the last time… :o

Kind regards,
Lenny Warren