Warren Media specialises in video production for corporate, press & PR. In these days of social media and t’interweb, pictures aren’t enough. You also need video…

We can offer the full range of video production services, from a single camera ENG setup for news, to a multi camera setup for larger productions, quality video production for broadcast, web, YouTube or DVD/Blu-ray. We can also offer disk duplication and printing.

Using broadcast cameras, lighting, sound equipment, auto-cue and industry standard non-linear editing facilities, Warren Media ensures your message gets to a wider audience.

Have a look at a selection of our recent work. These aren’t showreel videos where it’s all too easy to be impressed by fancy effects and no deadlines, these are real videos for real clients, produced to deadline within budget.

For a chat about how video can help you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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