Atomos Ninja

Atomos Ninja & Nikon D4

Press PR Photograpger Edinburgh Glasgow Scotland - Atomos NinjaAtomos announced initial testing of the Ninja with the new Nikon D4. The Nikon D4 is the first FX-format DSLR to output an uncompressed, clean HD signal over HDMI.

Thanks to Nikon, the Atomos Ninja is the killer product we designed it to be. We take our hats off to the D4 for its ability to deliver perfect sensor images over HDMI. Our goal of creating smarter production tools for creatives is becoming a reality.

“Ninja and Nikon D4 are the ultimate bang-for -buck combination for recording high quality images, in 4:2:2 Apple ProRes, directly to HDD, or to SSD if you prefer. We even include a monitor and extra audio inputs so you can play back your recorded footage instantaneously for review.” said Jeromy Young, CEO and Co-Founder of Atomos.


See for details. The Nikon D4, see for details.

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