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NEW at Warren Media, customer helpdesk goes live, Henry takes control.

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We’ve got a new helpdesk at Warren Media. It’s nice to say hello, or in Henry’s case, woof… To help you do just that, we try to make it as easy as possible. If you’d like to know more about the services we offer, or just to chat over an idea, feel free to get in touch.

Henry has been promoted from the office dog to the helpdesk operator. Why not chat live with him about how Warren Media can help you or your company. We promise he has excellent communication skills and even if he doesn’t know the answer, he knows the people who do. You’ll find the helpdesk on our contact page or at the bottom right of every page.

Henry is waiting for your chat, he’s available most of the day. Let’s be honest, all he does anyway is lie about the office hiding from the cats. On the rare occasion he takes a wander to find a lampost, you can leave him a message and he’ll get right back to you.

If you don’t feel like chatting, you can also send us a message using the form on the contact page, or phone us:

For photography/video/multimedia/technical queries, call Lenny on    07860 830050

For bookings/admin/invoice queries, call Mairi on    01355 229700

If you are a newspaper or media outlet, you can also subscribe to our FREE FIRST USE distribution list for news, PR and feature pictures.

Oh, a few people have asked about pics of Henry, not that he’s vain or anything but he’s had a few signed photos produced just for you lucky people… Sigh, what have I created.. ;)

Henry 1 - Helpdesk, live chat on our website

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