Lost Glasgow, Paddy’s Market

Lost Glasgow

Paddys Market - Lost Glasgow, Paddy's Market
Glasgow’s Paddy’s Market.
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I was out on a job for a client the other day at the Briggait, a Glasgow institution. Part of the job was at Glasgow Green, so as I wandered over I stopped and did a double take at Paddy’s Market.

I dropped a frame through the railings, and it’s a bit of a sorry state. I was always a big fan, as I still am of the Barras. Of course there were issues, there were drugs and there were stolen goods, but they were in the minority and the traders did their best to rid the market of these undesirable elements. I grew up wandering these markets and staring in awe at the people who would buy ONE shoe, or Sydney Devine’s Greatest Hits on a cassette with a dodgy designed and photocopied cover. It was part of my youth, and my life is better because of it.

Over 30 years ago, as a Photography student I wandered about this lane with camera in hand. There were amazing sights to behold as a young snapper, youth being on my side as it was obvious I wasn’t from the Polis. (Although give it time and I would be…) Although I do remember a few of us doing some project or whatever and a guy shouting ” Who ur ye takin’ photies fur?” and without thinking I shouted back “The ‘broo…” well, we did have to drop a few frames and then run that time, but it was all just good natured banter. Strangely enough that wouldn’t be the last time I dropped a few frames and ran, but that’s a story for another day.

I do remember when I was at the Evening Times I got summoned there to give backup to another photographer who had been tasked with doing pics there for a feature. He’s been getting a bit of aggro from some heavies. The best bet in a case like this, is find who looks to be the oldest and most veteran trader you can see, approach them, tell them you’re from the Evening Times and it’s a good news story, nothing dodgy. I must admit my accent changes depending on who I’m speaking to… sorry. ;) They will then spread the word that you’re a “good guy”. I’ve done this on more than one occasion. The main thing is be honest, and don’t take the proverbial…

As part of the Cooncil’s gentrification, sorry “regeneration” plans, Paddy’s was closed in 2009. Glad to see they’ve made good use of the space, err.. hold on????

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