Ok Apple, not as smart as I thought you were…

It had to happen, I made a post about just how smart Apple are. Do I never learn?

After I upgraded to OSX Lion my screen calibrator didn’t work. It wasn’t Lion compatible. No matter thinks I, it was pretty old and I’d never been quite happy with it. So, after a bit of research I decided on the i1 Display Pro by X-Rite.

All seemed well, very happy with the profiles it made for my Dell Ultrasharp U2711. Until, I opened Final Cut Pro. WHAT IS GOING ON? All my Gamma’s were WAY off. Video previews were too dark and extreme contrast. This isn’t right, as the same video as a QuickTime played ok.

After many hours of footering, reinstalling FCP etc. and the trusty “Google it…” I came up with the solution. It turns out that Final Cut Pro just doesn’t play nice with ICC Profile Version 4. You have to recalibrate as Version 2.

Now this is just plain wrong. Apple used to use a gamma of 1.8 whereas PC’s used 2.2. It seems that Apple now have started to use 2.2 and I can feel my head starting to hurt already, but aaaargh…

Anyway, screens all now calibrated to ICC Profile Version 2, which isn’t ideal but it’s working. As Apple have stopped development of FCP and are concentrating on FCPX it looks like they will never sort this issue. FCPX seems to work ok with Version 4.

Ok, now that issue is sorted I suppose I better get back to work, at least I can see what I’m editing now.