Pic of the Week

Press Photographer Scotland

Press Photographer Scotland. We’ve been quite busy recently, but here’s one of my favourite pics from the last week or so.

Local dancers promoting the upcoming Weave Festival and Sma’ Shot Day.

This year’s Weave Festival and Sma’ Shot Day event will celebrate the traditional weavers’ holiday by taking visitors on a trip ‘doon the watter’.

The annual Sma’ Shot Day celebration, which is one of the world’s oldest worker festivals, will take place on Saturday 7th July and will, for the second year running, include the Weave Festival – offering an enhanced and diverse programme of cultural events and activities on the day.

The festival is part of an expanded programme of events which is part of Paisley’s UK City of Culture 2021 bidding legacy and will reconnect the town’s weaving heritage and global connections via a programme boasting around 30 shows in Paisley’s historic town centre.


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