Posters in the background.

Posters in the background.

Posters PR Press Photographer Freelance Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland

Posters or popup displays in the background can be a nuisance for PR photographers. We’ve all fallen foul of the over zealous PR who insists on having 47 popups because their clients wants them in shot. Trust me on this, over branding only does one thing, ensure an editor spikes the pics out of hand. Subtlety is the key here, subtle branding, don’t overdo it… Trust me on this one.. ;)

Anyway, I’m doing pics for the upcoming Transplant Games, what is in the background but a huge popup… Hold on says I, that’s my pic, we’ll maybe just leave it.

Nice to see the pics getting out there in the wild… ;)

Charity walk, B&Q do it themselves…

Charity walk for B&Q staff

Charity Press PR Photographer Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland

Charity walk by B&Q staff, always rewarding photographing people doing charity walks. These B&Q staff members were walking the West Highland Way in 36 hours.

I turned up to a Glasgow branch, where the guys would play for pictures the week before their attempt. Of course, what do I really need to make some great pics? Props. No maps or compass, no walking boots, trekking poles or anything vaguely Gore-Tex. Sigh….

Anyway, we reschedule and finally get the needed props. Boring pics in car park requested, tick… but we need to get some fun into the pics…  Gwapple me gwape nuts….  let’s do a David Bellamy. Always works, always fun, always makes a great pic.

Funnily enough I photographed David Bellamy a few years ago for the Evening Times. I told him that whenever I did this sort of pic in bushes, I called it “doing a David Bellamy” He guffawed loudly and gave me the heartiest slap on the back. Happy times… ;)