Easter Bunny, fun and chocolate too…

Easter Bunny, it only seems like last week. I spent the Easter weekend driving all over Scotland photographing kids doing National Trust for Scotland Easter Trails, in conjunction with Cadbury’s chocolate bunnies.

Hundreds of pictures taken, which as they are meant for posters, leaflets etc. won’t really be seen till next April. Such is the lead time of advertising. Great fun though, I’ve done this for the last three or four years, still makes me laugh spending time with people in bunny outfits.. ;)

Easter Bunny Press PR Photographer Scotland



National Trust for Scotland poster, always nice to see.

National Trust for Scotland

National Trust for Scotland Easter promotional poster for Easter.

National Trust Scotland

National Trust Scotland are one of my photography clients, and it’s always nice to be out driving and do a double take as you drive past a billboard with one of your images on it.

Bizarrely enough I was driving to another job for the National Trust for Scotland when I saw this billboard. Easter pics I did for them last year.

Another couple of weeks and I’ll be on the chocolate trail again…