Warren Media, tell us what you think?

Warren Media, tell us what you think?

Warren Media. It’s nearly 7 years since I left the Herald & Evening Times and setup my own business. Imagine that, 7 years?

Warren Media

I was proud to be Senior Staff Photographer at the Evening Times and latterly Deputy Picture Editor, it was for me the best job in the world. During that time I learned a lot from the Picture Editors (you know who you are) and also my fellow photographers. I can honestly say it was the best team I’d ever worked with.

However, things change and sometimes we just have to move on. It’s been an amazing 7 years working for myself though, met some amazing people, been to some stunning places and had more than a few laughs along the way. I’ve been lucky that the vast majority of my clients are people I would actually choose to work with. That is definitely a bonus. ;)

I strive to offer the best photography and video services, and tailor what I offer to my clients. To help me along with this, I’d love it if we have worked together, could you leave me feedback on my website? It only takes a few minutes and will help me see if I’m on the right track. Please be honest and tell me what you like, also what you don’t like… I can only make it better if you tell me.. ;)


New daily newspaper launches in Scotland.


A new daily, pro-independence newspaper, The National, hits the streets on Monday morning, aimed at the 1.6m Scots who voted to leave the Union.

It was unveiled by its new editor Richard Walker to a 13,000 capacity crowd of SNP supporters who gathered in support of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s UK tour at the Hydro on Saturday. Walker also heads up the Sunday Herald.

The Sunday Herald was the only Scottish title to actively support Scottish Independence in the September referendum and saw print sales spike to around 50,000 copies the Sunday after the result. This represented an 111% year on year increase. The paper’s circulation is currently running about 40% higher year on year.

Richard said: “We lost the referendum but the political momentum behind independence is growing by the day, evidenced by the doubling of membership of the SNP, and the ongoing debate about extra powers for the Scottish Parliament.”

The National is being printed and published by the Newsquest-owned Herald & Times Group.

Managing Director Tim Blott said: “It is the first time in many years that a new daily newspaper has been launched in Scotland.

“The National is an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of a very politically-engaged section of the Scottish population. We recognise that launching a newspaper in 2014 is to some extent counter-intuitive but we consistently argue for the power of great journalism and informed opinion. We will trial the new title in its proposed format for a week and if, as anticipated, it takes off then it will become a new and dynamic fixture in Scottish publishing.”

The new 50p National can be purchased Monday to Friday from most newsagents and supermarkets. It is also available as an electronic edition for those wishing to read it online.

An accompanying website, TheNational.scot, is being prepared. In the meantime the website features a holding page which includes subscription details and an opportunity for readers give feedback. Online content from the Sunday Herald will continue to feature on HeraldScotland.com.

News from Warren Media…


News from Warren Media…
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At last it’s British Summer Time and thankfully the winter is over, well, officially anyway. It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch, so it’s time to tell you about the latest at Warren Media.
New Equipment…
Nikon D4S
Nothing lasts forever, and our trusty Nikon D3 camera bodies are getting a bit tired. They’ve served us well, but it’s time to move on. To ensure you get the images you deserve, we have invested in new state of the art camera bodies, the Nikon D4S. They should be arriving this week and it’s always an exciting time for any photographer, true to form we’ll be like kids on Christmas morning.
Not forgetting video, we have recently purchased an Atomos Samurai Blade external field recorder. This allows us to capture video at 220 Mbps in ProRes, ideal for ensuring the highest quality possible. Also arriving this week are a few GoPro Hero 3+ cameras for an upcoming extreme sports shoot.
New Staff…
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To ensure our office runs as smoothly as possible, we would like to welcome Mairi as our new office manager. Mairi will deal with general admin, looking after our diary bookings and dealing with invoices. Mairi lists her hobbies as music, cooking and bossing people around. Errr….
You can contact Mairi on our usual office number, 01355 229700 or via email [email protected]
You’ve heard of Top Gear dog? Well, Mairi will be helped by Warren Media dog, otherwise known as Henry the Cockapoo. Henry lists his hobbies as eating, sleeping, barking at the postman and being the best dog in the world. Eh???
You can contact Henry at, well… you can’t but we do pass on his fan letters. ;-)
New Small Print…
Nobody likes small print, but we have to have it I’m afraid. To make it easier we have added our Terms & Conditions to our website, you can view them here, www.warrenmedia.tv/terms
So that’s all there is folks… well, apart from the bit where we say that this newsletter is private and confidential and intended for you, our valued client, and you alone. This newsletter remains the property of Warren Media and should not be passed to any third party without written permission. If you have received it in error, please delete it from your system, do not use, copy or disclose the information in any way and notify Warren Media immediately. All trading is under the terms and conditions of Warren Media, viewable at… oh, we’ve told you that bit haven’t we? E&OE. All images and video footage © Warren Media 2014.
So, thanks for sticking with us to the very end, we got there eventually…

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