U-Matic video, blast from the past.

U-Matic Video, a blast from the past…

U-Matic video, I was clearing out my loft, found this old U-Matic tape, got to be over 25 years old. Luckily I have a U-Matic deck in my suite and after capturing through Final Cut Pro, what did I find?

U Matic Video 1000x656 - U-Matic video, blast from the past.

Well, it’s the unedited footage of my mid 80’s college assessment. I started off as a junior cameraman/photographer in the Health Service, filming operations. Wow, this really brings back some memories. A very quick edit and hey presto…

For something a bit more modern in video production, or even to convert your old U-matic, Betacam SP, Mini DV, DVCAM, VHS, SVHS tapes, just get in touch.

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