How the cone gets there, the true story…

It’s long been a mystery how the traffic cone appears on the Duke of Wellington’s head.

Well, I can now reveal the true story of how the cone gets there. Every night when the locals are asleep, wacky 80’s comedy duo Cannon and Ball sneak up and plonk the cone on the Duke’s head and not forgetting his horse.

As I’m a wily old fox of a snapper, with years of training as a Police Photographer I was able to catch this pair of miscreants red handed, so to speak…. ;) Tsk tsk… some people eh?


Cannon and Ball - How the cone gets there, the true story...
Comedians Cannon and Ball outside the Gallery of Modern Art as part of the Magners Comedy Festival. Bobby Ball (darker hair and moustache) and Tommy Cannon (grey hair).


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