That’s a lovely camera, it must take superb pictures…

I’ve lost count of the times that people have said to me on a job, “that’s an amazing camera, it must take superb pictures…” All my photographer friends will know what I’m talking about. It’s not the camera, it’s what you do with it. Lighting, composition, rapport with the subject, 30 years experience, there’s just so much more than pressing a button.

I’ve often thought I should cross this over to other folk I meet on a daily basis…

“Oooooo… that’s a lovely socket set, is that Snap On? I bet that fixes my car well”

“Oooo… that’s a lovely scalpel, I bet it does wonderful surgery”

“Oooooo… that’s an impressive paintbrush, I bet it could paint the Mona Lisa”

You get the idea, when you book a Professional Photographer you are paying for their years of experience, their craft, their experience, not for them to press a button on a camera. Here’s an interesting video, and although you wouldn’t expect an iPhone to be used for pics for billboards, it just shows that it’s about the photographer’s eye, the lighting, the craft… ;-)


Camera lens filter?

Camera lens filter?

Camera Photographer Glasgow

Camera, lens, filter?

Filter on your lens?

OK. First and foremost this is a fun post. It is not episode 362 of “Should you put a UV filter on your lens”. Some people use them. Some don’t. There’s not enough bandwidth to ever end that argument.

But here at Lensrentals, we have a ton of filters. We have some really good, very expensive filters. We have some OK, middle of the road filters. And because some customers, uhm, happen to return a very cheap filter in place of the one they were sent, we’ve obtained some crappy filters. Brand names aren’t necessary. If it cost $22 in 77mm size, it’s a crappy filter.

Anyway, one of the techs has to clean all those filters, make sure the threads are OK, and test them out. Honestly nobody likes to do it, so it gets put off until we need some filters or there’s just nothing else to do. So the other day Kenny is cleaning filters and testing the threads by mounting them one in front of the other until he made a nice mountain of 50 UV filters.