Strictly Come Dancing at the Airport

Strictly Edinburgh and then Glasgow Airport

Strictly Come Dancing - Strictly Come Dancing at the Airport
Strictly launch 7 new routes from Edinburgh Airport. Dancers Hilary Mouat and Tibor Poc.
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Strictly speaking, it’s been a long day, an early start at Edinburgh Airport with my client and the Scottish Ballroom Dance champions.


I have to admit I don’t watch the show, but the dancers were fantastic, up for a bit of fun in the pics, which always helps. My only concern was the dancer’s dress was the exact shade of red as the airline corporate colour. Visions of a dancer’s head floating ghoulishly on a sea of red.

Pics at Edinburgh, on site approval, file to client’s head office then around the newspapers. Head west along the M8 to Glasgow Airport, rinse and repeat. ;-) I seem to spend a lot more time in Edinburgh than I used to, which I’m good with. When I worked for the Herald & Evening Times we had staff in Edinburgh, so I never had to venture east. These days I seem to never be away from the Parliament or the very handy car park at Dynamic earth.

The client was delighted with the pictures, but the pic above wasn’t on their brief, and they weren’t interested as it wasn’t branded. (I know I know, overbranding in PR handout pics is a nightmare, but we did subtle branding on this job.)

I did the pic for myself and the dancing couple, always nice. Really strong sunlight today, which for Scotland in April is unusual. Worked today with the nice shadow, and the normally unwelcome wind helped with the dancer’s ribbons.. Every cloud and all that… ;)
Screen Shot 2017 04 03 at 01.35.40 - Strictly Come Dancing at the Airport

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