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The life of Paula and Zigi Sapietis. Zigi was a Latvian artist who escaped a brutal Nazi concentration camp, before settling in Scotland.

I was truly honoured to meet Paula, and amazing woman with an amazing story.

Ken Block video, is it only me that doesn’t get it?

Ken Block Video Production Scotland

Ken Block video…

Ken Block Video. Folk on the t’internet are loving this Ken Block video, but I just don’t get the hype. Granted, he has great car control but so does Russ Swift. What has Block actually won? He was a disappointment in the WRC and he just seems to be “more show than go”. He is a businessman who has invested his millions in fartin’ aboot in car parks surrounded in tyre smoke. If you check any of his videos they are a result of practice and planning, look at the existing tyre marks. Yes, I agree he has talent, but c’monn guys he ain’t a driving legend. I’m not actually that impressed by this video. It has great shots, but I’d be more impressed if he actually won a round of the WRC

Ken Block Video Production Scotland

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