SSL Secure Green Padlock?

SSL 12 hours to get a green padlock?

Green Padlock Secure SSL

SSL Secure. 12 hours slaving away on my computer to get a green padlock? I’d have been quicker going to B&Q. ;) It was an S S ‘ell of a time getting it all sorted out but well worth it. Everybody likes to be secure don’t they? Here at Warren Media we take your browsing security very seriously. As we use two different CDN’s (that’s Content Delivery Networks for the less geeky amongst us.) we needed three SSL certificates. One for our server, one for our first CDN which handles security and another for our main CDN which handles our images and videos.

So basically, when you browse to you are actually going to httpS://  This is a secure page, using SSL, industry standard encryption so you are browsing securely. Of course we aren’t an ecommerce site, and never ask for credit card details, although if you’re feeling generous…. eh, hold on… err… did I say that out loud? ;) Anyway, even though we aren’t an ecommerce site, it’s always better to visit a secure site…

The internet can be a big, bad scary place, but with a bit of preparation and common sense you can make it more secure. Nothing’s guaranteed, and SSL’s are basically just encryption between your browser and our server, but hey, you’re worth it. ;)

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Ken Block video, is it only me that doesn’t get it?

Ken Block video…

Ken Block Video. Folk on the t’internet are loving this Ken Block video, but I just don’t get the hype. Granted, he has great car control but so does Russ Swift. What has Block actually won? He was a disappointment in the WRC and he just seems to be “more show than go”. He is a businessman who has invested his millions in fartin’ aboot in car parks surrounded in tyre smoke. If you check any of his videos they are a result of practice and planning, look at the existing tyre marks. Yes, I agree he has talent, but c’monn guys he ain’t a driving legend. I’m not actually that impressed by this video. It has great shots, but I’d be more impressed if he actually won a round of the WRC

Ken Block Video Production Scotland