Charity walk, B&Q do it themselves…

Charity walk for B&Q staff

Press PR Photographer Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland 2 - Charity walk, B&Q do it themselves...

Charity walk by B&Q staff, always rewarding photographing people doing charity walks. These B&Q staff members were walking the West Highland Way in 36 hours.

I turned up to a Glasgow branch, where the guys would play for pictures the week before their attempt. Of course, what do I really need to make some great pics? Props. No maps or compass, no walking boots, trekking poles or anything vaguely Gore-Tex. Sigh….

Anyway, we reschedule and finally get the needed props. Boring pics in car park requested, tick… but we need to get some fun into the pics…  Gwapple me gwape nuts….  let’s do a David Bellamy. Always works, always fun, always makes a great pic.

Funnily enough I photographed David Bellamy a few years ago for the Evening Times. I told him that whenever I did this sort of pic in bushes, I called it “doing a David Bellamy” He guffawed loudly and gave me the heartiest slap on the back. Happy times… ;)

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