Fun pics at Warren Media.

Fun pics, what a great way to make a living…

Fun Pics Press & PR Photographer Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland

Fun pics for the NTS, at Holmwood House.

Great fun, and very much the type of job I did often for the Evening Times.

As a father of three, I’d much rather be taking photos of kids having fun than footballers or celebs. My oldest daughter is now 18, but she’s been in more papers over the years than I can recall… ;-)

Couple of nice shows for the pics in the papers as well as web use by the NTS.


Bath time for Bria.

Bath time for Bria.

Press & PR Photographer in Glasgow.

Bath time. It’s far from a mundane job at Warren Media, here’s one of our favourite jobs from the last few months. Meet Bria, a French Mastiff who loves bubble baths so much she climbs in when her owner gets in the tub. It was, shall we say, interesting.. ;)

Nice show in the papers. We did a video of this as well, the largest dog in the world, in the smallest bathroom in the world….

Press & PR Photographer Glasgow.