Lost Glasgow, Paddy’s Market

Lost Glasgow

Glasgow's Paddy's Market.

Glasgow’s Paddy’s Market.
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I was out on a job for a client the other day at the Briggait, a Glasgow institution. Part of the job was at Glasgow Green, so as I wandered over I stopped and did a double take at Paddy’s Market.

I dropped a frame through the railings, and it’s a bit of a sorry state. I was always a big fan, as I still am of the Barras. Of course there were issues, there were drugs and there were stolen goods, but they were in the minority and the traders did their best to rid the market of these undesirable elements. I grew up wandering these markets and staring in awe at the people who would buy ONE shoe, or Sydney Devine’s Greatest Hits on a cassette with a dodgy designed and photocopied cover. It was part of my youth, and my life is better because of it.

Over 30 years ago, as a Photography student I wandered about this lane with camera in hand. There were amazing sights to behold as a young snapper, youth being on my side as it was obvious I wasn’t from the Polis. (Although give it time and I would be…) Although I do remember a few of us doing some project or whatever and a guy shouting ” Who ur ye takin’ photies fur?” and without thinking I shouted back “The ‘broo…” well, we did have to drop a few frames and then run that time, but it was all just good natured banter. Strangely enough that wouldn’t be the last time I dropped a few frames and ran, but that’s a story for another day.

I do remember when I was at the Evening Times I got summoned there to give backup to another photographer who had been tasked with doing pics there for a feature. He’s been getting a bit of aggro from some heavies. The best bet in a case like this, is find who looks to be the oldest and most veteran trader you can see, approach them, tell them you’re from the Evening Times and it’s a good news story, nothing dodgy. I must admit my accent changes depending on who I’m speaking to… sorry. ;) They will then spread the word that you’re a “good guy”. I’ve done this on more than one occasion. The main thing is be honest, and don’t take the proverbial…

As part of the Cooncil’s gentrification, sorry “regeneration” plans, Paddy’s was closed in 2009. Glad to see they’ve made good use of the space, err.. hold on????

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Welcome to the new Warren Media website

It’s been long overdue, but finally, we have our new Warren Media website.

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We’ve been planning on updating the website for a while now. The last one was ok, but it didn’t work very well on mobile phones, so a change was needed. As well as making sure the site looks great on mobile phones we’ve done a lot of behind the scenes work. The site should now load quicker, and be easier to navigate.

We’ve tried to keep the front page as simple as possible with links to the main areas of work we undertake. Photography, Video Production and Multimedia.

Our Latest News area deserves a special mention, here you will be able to read about the latest jobs we have been working on, interesting things happening in the worlds of photography, video, multimedia and Press/PR. Or maybe it’s just funny pics of me with Elvis. ;)

Also, it’s worth mentioning our Terms & Conditions page, I know it sounds boring, but well worth reading. (I promise it’s brief and concise.)

As well as the Contact page, down the bottom of all of the pages you will find contact emails and phone numbers for our staff. I deal with all the technical stuff, whilst Mairi deals with the admin, invoices and paperwork. Don’t feel sorry for her, she really likes it. ;) Henry runs our complaints dept. Especially don’t feel sorry for Henry, he loves dealing with complaints. Saying that, we’re proud that we rarely ever get complaints, which means Henry can spend the day sleeping and dreaming about the day he can get one over on the two office cats Oscar and Bella. They don’t get a mention on the contacts page as , well, c’monn, what exactly do cats do? Really? They just sleep all day and plan how they can get one over on Henry. ;)

If you want to chat about what we can do for you, whether it be PR photography, a promotional video, or a multimedia slideshow, feel free to get in touch via our contact page or use the email/phone details below. Apart for Henry, he’s not allowed a mobile phone anymore… Not after the last time… :o

Kind regards,
Lenny Warren

National Trust for Scotland poster, always nice to see.

National Trust for Scotland

National Trust for Scotland Easter promotional poster for Easter.

National Trust Scotland

National Trust Scotland are one of my photography clients, and it’s always nice to be out driving and do a double take as you drive past a billboard with one of your images on it.

Bizarrely enough I was driving to another job for the National Trust for Scotland when I saw this billboard. Easter pics I did for them last year.

Another couple of weeks and I’ll be on the chocolate trail again…


That’s a lovely camera, it must take superb pictures…

I’ve lost count of the times that people have said to me on a job, “that’s an amazing camera, it must take superb pictures…” All my photographer friends will know what I’m talking about. It’s not the camera, it’s what you do with it. Lighting, composition, rapport with the subject, 30 years experience, there’s just so much more than pressing a button.

I’ve often thought I should cross this over to other folk I meet on a daily basis…

“Oooooo… that’s a lovely socket set, is that Snap On? I bet that fixes my car well”

“Oooo… that’s a lovely scalpel, I bet it does wonderful surgery”

“Oooooo… that’s an impressive paintbrush, I bet it could paint the Mona Lisa”

You get the idea, when you book a Professional Photographer you are paying for their years of experience, their craft, their experience, not for them to press a button on a camera. Here’s an interesting video, and although you wouldn’t expect an iPhone to be used for pics for billboards, it just shows that it’s about the photographer’s eye, the lighting, the craft… ;-)


Act of Terror…

While filming a routine stop and search of her boyfriend on the London Underground, Gemma suddenly found herself detained, handcuffed and threatened with arrest.

Act of Terror tells the story of her fight to bring the police to justice and prevent this happening to anyone else, ever again.


Official Website:
ActOfTerrorDocumentary.comIt is easy to forget about the 2005 Terrorism Act and its damaging effect on civil liberties and human rights.  Act Of Terror puts the spotlight back on this murky law, and demands that we keep vigilant in the face of ever increasing state power.

An animated journey through the labyrinthine world of English Justice, the sinister caveats of Terrorism legislation, and the shocking cronyism of the police complaints system, Act Of Terror is about strength in the face of powerlessness and finding the courage to fight back.

Do you need a photography degree to be a good photographer?

Do you need a qualification to be a good photographer? I have to say no, as I know plenty of great photographers who have never been to college or university. However I’m glad I went to college and gained my qualifications, once I got them no-one could take them away from me (unlike certain association qualifications) and I needed them to work in certain areas. (both medical and police required an HNC or HND in Photography to even get shortlisted for interview.) I was never impressed with the photographic degrees, finding them too art based. To this day I still believe photography is a craft, not art. That’s just my personal opinion, your mileage may vary… ;-)

When I went to photo college back in the ’80s, I was a day release student. I worked as a junior medical photographer and went to college one day and evening a week. I think this was the perfect combination, I learned more from my boss than college I have to admit, but college taught me different things. I mixed with other student photographers who worked in different areas. I loved this as it widened my horizons compared to medical and applied photography. Saying that, I was lucky that my work had a full studio, with small, medium and large format cameras, darkrooms with B/W, C41, E6 and Cibachrome facilities.

In those days employers prefered an HNC/HND over a degree as they were more practical based courses, according to the employers I spoke to. Of course these days it’s all different, it seems more “bums on seats” than only taking the amount of students that there are jobs for. I wonder just how many students that come through photography colleges actually enter full time employment in Photography? I’m sure it’s not many, and how many immediately become freelance? I’ve been priviliged to spend most of my career as staff, 24 years in fact. Medical, Social, Police, Press and it’s only been the last 3 years as Freelance. 27 years in this business, and they said it would never last? ;-)

Would I do it all again? I’m not so sure, not if I was just starting college now. I still love photography, but I guess I miss the days of film/darkrooms and the whole craft of it all. I just don’t think photographers are respected as the craftsmen that they undoubtably are anymore. There just aren’t the jobs, and I have advised my daughters to get a proper job. It’s a sad state of affairs and I don’t see it getting any better I’m afraid. I’m glad I did it when I did, I think I saw the last of the good years, film, darkrooms, when you could actually find photography jobs advertised in the BJP. Sigh, how things have changed. :-(

A very interesting blog post on photo education.