Bath time for Bria.

Press & PR Photographer Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland

Bath time for Bria. Bath time. It’s far from a mundane job at Warren Media, here’s one of our favourite jobs from the last few months. Meet Bria, a French Mastiff who loves bubble baths so much she climbs in when her owner gets in the tub. It was, shall we say, interesting.. ;) Nice … Read more

Easter at Warren Media

nts easter falkland lw024 - Easter at Warren Media

It’s Easter… That can only mean one thing, I’m back on the Chocolate bunny trail with one of my clients, National Trust for Scotland. The NTS tend to use the pics well, on billboards, bus shelters, leaflets as well as their website. I’ve done this for the last few years, moving around to various NTS … Read more


Screen Shot 2017 04 02 at 16.52.49 - Photography

It’s always nice to do a portfolio of images just to remind you the sort of pictures we take, this is a small selection of a few more theatrical images. I’ll maybe do a few more videos of different areas of our work… Enjoy…

You got a sharp one?

photography - You got a sharp one?

Too many photographers, professionals as well as amateurs get caught up in lens test results, just get out and take pics… Here’s an interesting take on it from Ken Rockwell.  

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